TKI News
TKI joins the APEX Conglomerate
New CEO Appointed
The Tsurokigaarai Corporation has recently
joined under the administration of APEX
Unlimited after APEX CEO Vendrin Latanis and
TKI CEO Gorion Wassenar reached a merger
agreement in a closed meeting.
TKI has made great strides in both commercial
and political arenas during the past few years.
As owner of the popular Starsi brand name, the
corporation produces everything from soft
drinks and breakfast cereals to advanced
mobile weapons systems. In addition, TKI
provided the initial funding and manpower to get
APEX Unlimited off the ground over a year ago.
While TKI currently suffers from low employment numbers, both Mr. Latanis and Mr.
Wassenar believe that APEX oversight may help to bring the corporation back up to
its previous prominence. To this end, former APEX Executive Officer Davion Vrynn will
be appointed to oversee the rebuilding of TKI as CEO, leaving Mr. Wassenar free to
monitor specific areas of corporation interest while still chairing the board of
APEX Conglomerate Declares War on the Acheron Federation
After ignoring demands that they
cease and desist all efforts to
lend aid to the Brothers of
Freedom (A violent dissident
movement within the Caldari
State), the APEX Conglomerate
has been forced to declare war
to ensure that the convoys stop.
Conglomerate forces are now
operating in Gallente space
under the mandate of disrupting
supply lines and inflicting as
much damage as possible.  
These attacks will continue until
such time as the Acheron
Federation ceases all attempts
to aid the BoF terrorists.
The Conglomerate does not want
this war, but will do whatever is
necessary to preserve the right of the Caldari State to handle internal matters on its
own without outside interference.  The Acheron Federation currently shows no signs
of backing down and the war is expected to drag on for at least several weeks.
TKI Sells Rights to Torped-O's
Source: IGS News Feed
Priano Trans-Stellar State Services™ (PRIAN)
acquired production rights to the Torped-Os™
and Infern-O™ Torped-Os™ breakfast cereal
lines in back-room dealings with Tsurokigaarai™
(T-K-I) late Monday evening. The successful
product line, originally inspired by Carmen
Priano, had been maintained by Gorion
Wassenar following the retirement of the Drink
Starsi corporate entity.
Wassenar cited insufficient man-hours to continue product promotion as the reason
for the return of the product to the Priano family.

When asked why she would serve as the new product lead instead of Carmen
Priano, PRIAN founder Makoto Priano
cited familial differences originating from a
pod-pilot licensing arrangement.

"It is my honor to bring Torped-Os back to the family fold, in a corporate environment
where duty, discipline and drive are the hallmarks," Makoto said. Makoto refused to
elaborate on the implications of this statement.

Torped-Os™ were originally released in early 02.107, to rave reviews from elements
of the pod pilot community, who said it was "a blast," and "tastes like victory."
Following the initial release, Torped-Os™ messaging had been targeted toward
civilian markets, generally outside of the pod-pilot community's view.