TKI Staff
Davion Vrynn - Chief Executive Officer
Birthplace - New Caldari Prime
Age - 29 Standard Years
In 108, Davion left Tsurokigaarai along with Vendrin to found APEX
Unlimited. Acting as the Operations Director and second-in-command of
the corporation, Davion endeavoured to fill the role of Vendrin's
right-hand man with distinction and honor. When APEX helped form the
Kimotoro Directive, Davion threw himself into the role of spokesman,
attempting to put a public face on the alliance on behalf of its board of
directors, serving in that capacity until APEX's withdrawal from the alliance.
Gorion Wassenar - Majority Shareholder
Birthplace - Kyonoke Station
Age - 24 Standard Years

In February of 107, having become fed up with the
constant piracy within and without Caldari space,
Gorion decided to make a stand and formed the
New Caldari Rangers.
After several months, this venture was disbanded due to frustration with
CONCORD regulations that made hunting pirates too costly.  Shortly
afterward, Gorion and his brother Albrecht bought up all shares of the
floundering Tsurokigaarai corporation, taking control in a stunning move.
Albrecht Wassenar - Security Executive
Birthplace - [Undisclosed]
Age - [Undisclosed]
"My brother Gorion and I weren't satisfied with the data they gave us.  It
turned out our gut feelings were right on the money.  I am sure you have
heard of the 'Kyonoke disaster?'  If you want to know more, I am sure my
brother would be more than happy to fill you in.  ...If you care to pursue
the matter.
Davion was once an Intelligence operative in the
Caldari Navy before an honorable discharge
following a classified incident. After this
discharge, he underwent pod-pilot training on an
inheritance fund from his late father.
Upon his graduation, he quickly went to work for the Tsurokigaarai
Corporation, a known State-loyalist organization.
After the formation of the APEX Conglomerate, Davion returned to TKI to
take on the role of CEO.  His primary objectives were to replenish the
corporation's depleted numbers following the Mito War and assist in
relations between the two organizations.  
Initially, Gorion focused TKI's efforts on making ship components and
reverse engineering Jove tech.  Sometime later, he also purchased the
Drink Starsi™ corporation, adding their popular soft drinks and breakfast
to TKI's expanding market lineup.
While Gorion has recently stepped down as CEO of TKI, he has retained
his seat as chairman of the board of shareholders, keeping a watchful
eye on the corporation's interests and making sure it continues to follow
his vision.
~Bio unavailable - accessing audio records~
"... I guess you could say that I had a rather tragic
childhood.  My father, a working man, died when I
was young.  An 'Industrial Accident' they told us.
"Ah, but back to the point of this...  How did I get here?
"Well the Caldari State selected us for the pod-pilot program shortly after
the Kyonoke incident.  I suspect that we were chosen due to the tragic
loss of our father.  I ran cargo for a few years with my brother.  That got
stale pretty fast.
"Since then, Gorion and I have had more than a few discussions about
the sorry state of affairs the Caldari State is in, as well as the universe at
large.  We decided to take a stand.  Thats where TKI comes in.  Gorion
had saved up quite a bit in our few years of running cargo and bought out
an old run down corporation and has given it a new life.
"It is now the vehicle for us - and other like-minded individuals - to spread
our views on how the Caldari State should act.  Instead of decrying all of
its vices and shortcomings like how many of the ex-patriots do, we
decided to reinforce the positive aspects of Caldari life and work within
the system to fix the problems that it has.  It is this dream of what Caldari
could be that drives us.  To bring the most good to as many as is
possible.  To lead by example and to do so with honor."