Recruitment Information
TKI is looking for loyal Caldari to fill vacancies in the corporate hierarchy.
Positions are available for both combat pilots and aspiring industrialists.
If you are looking for a corporation that believes in the ideals and goals
of the Caldari State, then you need look no further. Tsurokigaarai is one
of the longest standing capsuleer-owned corporations loyal to the State.

Divisions Available For New Employees
Starting positions are available in Corporate Security and Production.    

Corporate Goals
* Increase the wealth and influence of employees, the corporation and
the alliance.
* Protect the interests and territory of the Caldari State.
* Maintain full divisions in Production, Security, and Administration.

* Friendly Environment
* A large pool of allies in the APEX Conglomerate to assist in daily
activities ranging from mining to combat.
* Access to cheaper ships and equipment through internal production
divisions of TKI and her allies.
* Contacts with other State-loyal corporations and organizations
* Monthly wages
* Employee stock purchase plan

Job Requirements
* Loyalty - Applicants must be loyal to the Caldari State and be willing to
put the goals of TKI and the APEX Conglomerate before personal
Self-sufficiency - Management isn't going to keep you busy every day
or hand out more money then you have earned through wages.
Employees are required to be able to support themselves financially. Of
course, TKI will try to make employees’ lives easier by supplying them
with ammo, equipment and jobs to aid the corporation but we do not
wish to maintain each and every hour that you are in your pod.
Maturity and self-restraint - As a member of our corporation you
represent us and by proxy the APEX Conglomerate 24/7, anything you
do will affect our image. If you're prone to smack-talking or just don't
have any social skills then TKI maybe not be the right choice for you.
Security status – Because TKI operates throughout Caldari space, all
members must maintain a security status of -1.9 in order to be able to
travel through all State territory. Employees are not allowed to engage
in acts of piracy.
* ((
Interest in roleplaying - RP is mandatory in public channels, however
corp and alliance chat are OOC))
Attention State Citizens!
If you think you have
what it takes, log into
one of our neocom
channels and speak
with our staff or
contact a director
directly via EVEmail
EVEmail Contacts
Davion Vrynn - CEO
Gorion Wassenar - Majority Shareholder
Albrecht Wassenar - Security Executive
NeoCom Channels
TKI-NET - Corporation Channel
APEXCOM - Alliance Channel